Big nob Bob

well by the name of this post I think you can tell bob had one erm massive attribute….

He was hot nerdy a total hipster had good bants on Pof nothing on whatsapp but because I found him so hot I kept messaging him back…I know, I know when will I ever learn right?!

I think the mention of his gigantic dick started after the second message but because he was drunk I just assumed he was bigging himself up…then came the pictures, if I say I thought he had his knee pushed up against his chest you can kind of imagine….it was actually scary….he then mentioned how he had torn previous girls in the past…way to get into my knickers dude! 

It fizzled out after I realised I was never going to meet him (helloooo he said the word ‘torn’ FFs!) but tonight he hits me up after a month saying why did we never meet? Erm maybe because I don’t fancy giving head to an elephants trunk! I mean I know I have a big mouth but……


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