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All about the ass

Haven’t written on here in ages still doing the Internet dating thing but no one has piqued my interest for a while and I’ve been spending a lot of time out with my friends so I haven’t really been fully into it

There has been something I’ve noticed though since when have guys been all about the ass? The messages that I have gotten recently have all been anal this and anal that!

Take hot glasses guy for example, seems cute a little bit hardcore when it comes to sex (he wants me to tie him up!) were talking about fantasies and he says that he wants someone to fuck him with a strap on…..I’m rarely speechless but wtf?!?!

I know that pof and tinder aren’t the places for true love but I haven’t even met the fella yet and he’s mentioned the word strap on….surely that’s at least a first date convo…. 😉

Where have all the normal guys gone who want to wine me and dine me and when we get home not want me to pop on a dildo?!


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