Standard Tinder Questions

Last night I learnt that it’s all well and good replying to messages and flirting and going off on random tangents but sometimes it’s probably best to ask the usual boring questions like ‘what do you do?’ And most importantly ‘where are you from?’

Been chatting to this really nice photographer guy Sam for about a week and last night I realised I didn’t even know where he was from! Big mistake….turns out this hot, funny, intelligent and interesting dude lives miles away! We both don’t drive so it would be a ballache travelling up to see him 😦

We’ve made a deal to keep chatting until after Xmas and see if it goes anywhere. Now that’s the beauty of tinder it’s very easy come easy go so if nothing happens then I’m fine with it I just hope I don’t fall in love with this guy and have to travel a million miles to see him….the fact he has a beard isn’t helping… I do love a good beard!


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