Hit me baby one more time


Stuart is a hot funny ginger dude who makes me laugh, turns me on but… And how do I put this without making him sound really weird?…he’s obsessed with the word baby! We send each other naughty messages over voice notes on whatsapp which I think is fun and he says that my voice turns me on and likes it when I call him baby… Fair enough, nothing too weird about that until 2 nights ago I asked what I could say to turn him on the most and he put say ” does baby like feeling my hand stroking you” Erm….I’m not down with that, baby!!

He once won a baby of the year contest… Maybe that went to his head? Maybe i should of known he was slightly weird when he sent me a picture of him in a onesie? I understand people have different things to get them off but the baby thing is just odd!

Anyways got to go it’s early and Stuart is due his morning feed!


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