I really should start charging.

So not really sure how to begin…I seem to have stumbled on a new career and that is phone sext operator! This morning I got two men off by 8am just by texting them alone!

I think abit of sexting is fine and quite hot when I’m in the mood to be naughty and silly but at the moment that’s where every single conversation seems to end up! I know I encourage it but I don’t start it….yeah that doesn’t really make it any better does it?

I know it’s probably not the way to start something serious I mean look what happened with Ross…Zzzz sorry I just fell asleep thinking about him but maybe it’s a fun way to start things when you meet the person in real life and actually fancy them and want to re enact the things you say to each other?

Well I best be off my phone just buzzed….man if I charged for the pure filth that comes out of my mouth is be a millionaire!


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