So last night I went on my first tinder date! I seem excited by it now but I’ve come away from it feeling meh….

Now I like ross he’s funny and cute but I literally felt nothing when I met up with him for a drink. We have been chatting for about a month and how to put this nicely…getting each other off….to sleep for the past 2 weeks. Over text he comes across as pretentious on the phone he’s hilarious and in real life he’s just meh…

I may have forgotten to mention the fact the day before the date he sent me a dick pic….then got all embarrassed about it…seriously how many more times do I have to say it? Men of the world stop sending dick pics!!!! Tbh it grossed me out but I lied and said it was hot because I had built myself up so much to actually going out with him that I didn’t want him to back out.

So lessons learned: I can go and meet random tinder guys but always have no expectations and don’t start off anything that finishes off before you’ve even met the guy it’s just made me feel cheap and silly

Well as jay z would say….on too the next one….and I’d be silly not to listen to hov!


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