NBG vs Bongo

Ok so the time has come to explain about nbg….

Nbg was one of the first ever guys to hit me up on pof….twice! The first time I was talking to red and wasn’t overly impressed by his profile pictures so I didn’t message back the second time he peaked my interest by writing ‘the breakfast club’ which is one of my favourite movies ever anyway we’ve been messaging for other a month now and have so much in common its ridiculous and I was all prepared to meet him until bongos came along….

Now this sounds ridiculous and I know it will never happen because bongos is sooooo out of my league but when a message comes through from him I feel like Ben Howard has RT’d me or something! He’s stupidly hot, funny kind his voice is amazing it’s literally like weird science where I have typed in my ideal man and he had popped out, I’m not sure I could even go meet him as he’s such a fantasy and if I ever did and it got round to the good stuff I would probably pass out when he took his top off and that’s always very sexy! I know he’s going to lose interest soon because hellooooo he’s not just out of my league, he’s in a different league on a different planet on a different universe!

I think I’m going to give it a week, if nbg is still the same then I will go out with him although if bongos is still messaging me I’m pretty sure I will be totally in love with him by then!

Ah decisions decisions!


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