Erm Bongo?!

So after sifting through what seems like a gazillion men I have found the man of my dreams….well on paper!

Bongo is a beardy, tattooed, musician who is a whole new level of hot! Two things though…..

#1 he has a daughter…. Now I’ve said before I don’t want children, I think I’ve even said I don’t want to go out with a man that has children but I’ve been thinking about this and maybe that is actually the solution? If they already have that part of their life fulfilled then hopefully if anything did progress it wouldn’t matter that I didn’t want kids?

#2 he’s very erm….motivational! He keeps asking if I think I’m beautiful…well the answer to that is no. I think I scrub up ok and can look pretty if I’ve been triple filtered on Instagram! But he keeps going on about self worth and how important it is too him, fair enough but I bobbed on tinder to get laid…I mean find love….I wasn’t looking for a life coach!

Anyway we’ve only been chatting for a day and my experience with tinder is that guys tend to message a few times then either them or I disappear so I won’t be too upset if I never hear from bongo again….well one part of me will be very upset…..did I mention he played the acoustic guitar?!


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