Another one bites the dust

So I’ve mentioned hot bald guy on here……

William william william you stupid doucheball!

We’ve been texting nigh on a month now he’s….and forgive me for saying this….bantered me to death for over a month! Thought he was ok looking actually in some pictures he was downright hot! Wasn’t too sure on his approach to women he called me the C word today I laughed it off by was taken aback. But we did have a laugh and a joke until he just sent me a dick pic! Now me and him have said all along we will send cheeky selfies but never dick pics and we must of said this at least 10 times but 10 minutes ago I was presented with a boxer selfie! Tbh I’m more pissed off that he promised he wouldn’t do it and did it anyway, knowing his humour I think he thought it was funny and it’s backfired majorly…..well I told you I didn’t like it!

So bye bye will it’s been fun but you know the rules….NO DICK PICS!!!


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