Me myselfie and I…..

So I should probably tell you abit about myself I’m 29 outgoing, loud and when it comes to men I’m picky…. Super picky! I once nope-d a guy on tinder for having a random neckline on his jumper!!

who I’m looking for: is it really too much to ask to find a hot skinny guy who plays a guitar and has shitloads of tattoos?! Or someone that makes me laugh? I’m not asking for Tom hardy here…but Tom if youre reading this get in touch! I also like confidence bordering on cocky, bendy thumbs and defined hip bones…where are you, dude?

who I’m avoiding: ok so I’m abit of a grammar nazi! If you don’t know the difference between the words defiantly and definitely then I won’t be replying to your message! I’ve mentioned the gym selfie is a massive no no as is anyone with children, I don’t want my own so I don’t want to deal with anyone else’s

is it really to much to ask for someone who doesn’t annoy me and who I actually like spending time with?

Any way must go someone on pof wants to meet me…..not holding out much hope to be honest….


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